Data Entry & Analysis

  • Data entry and data cleansing – we will do all this boring work for you in Excel, Word. If you need to tidy up your data and prepare it for the further work, we are ready to help.
  • Data analysis – we will clean, model, and transform your data to help you to discover helpful information and support decision making for your business.
  • Forecast – depends on your business niche and topic you are working on we will help to build a sales/demand forecast, based on your available data
  • Presentation design – Some message loose impact when not brought through the right media. We can bring your message to the next level with strong visual impact (PowerPoint, Illustrator, Prezzi)
  • Spreadsheet Collation & Data Entry – Excel spreadsheets can be tricky, time-consuming, and boring – but not for a spreadsheet geek like me. Whether it’s entering names from a spreadsheet in to an online database or creating a spreadsheet from scratch then I’m your girl
  • Business Card Collation – got a big pile of business cards and need them entering into a spreadsheet? It’s a boring and monotonous task which is why people ask me to do it for them!

We are working in both languages: Russian and English.